We have met this kitty, later named Mitch, on a street when we took a walk. It was in an evening late in fall about 5 or 6 years ago. She seemed to be lost and to have had an injury on legs, which later turned out to be a fracture in hip bone.  At first, she went away from us. In a few seconds, as if having thought better of it, she returned to us for help. Cats seldom behave that way.
In a few weeks, having been welcomed by the other two cats in the family, she has become completely well. She was a little bit different from the ordinary cats. She always walked after us outside. Like a dog. She won't, however, go out of the entrance road to the street. Maybe, she has remembered the tragedy of a traffic accident she might have had. She has been loved by everyone in the family.
One day, in a couple of years, she has suddenly disappeared from us. We have looked for her everywhere. Mostlikelily, she might have dived into a small transportation truck, which carried something to us. She always enjoyed coming into a place unknown to her. Especially, into a narrow one.
No news of her since then. Hopefully, she might be spending a happy life at another family. I am sure she would be loved by people owing to her friendly character.     

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