The motto this year

This afternoon, 2 hours before sunset, 40m sounded very quiet. I have met 3 old friends in a row. This path is surely familiar to me. I used to enjoy QSOs with statesside long time ago. It was a real fun for me to listen to them in the upcoming condition. The band was always getting better in some time. The signals were not very loud. Nevertheless, it was fun to talk to the old friends.

Bob, K6RR, an old doctor, told me he had got macular degeneration, which prevented him from working as before for now. He told me it might be the good time for him to retire. He is 84 years old. I wished him quick recovery or, at least, slowed progression of his vision problem. I agreed with him about his retirement.

Dick, K4XU, who has just retired last month, seemed to enjoy his retirement. His wife gives him a big list of chores to do. IT is good for him to have things to do or he would get too lazy and get plumpuy soon. When I told him I was thinking to attend the FOC gathering in Seattle, he told me he would go there as well and kindly invited to visit them in Bend on the way. I replied to him our schedule was not dtetermined yet but I would keep it in my mind. I have met him for 3 times in the past, once at our home in '80s, at Tokyo Ham Fair in '00s and lastly at FOC gathering in Seattle a couple of years ago.

The last guy who called me after the QSO with Dick was Bill, W1YC. The signal was not very loud so that our QSO was only for a few minutes. I was very happy to hear him because I haven't met him for a year or two. We used to work often on 40m when he was in the bay area in '80s. He must be around 79 years old and has retired a couple of years ago. He is now in \Nevada. Since his wife was still working in parttime, he was doing the house chores now. I told him "Let's discuss how to cook dinner soon".

What a fun to talk to such old friends on 40m in the rising condition! It is my first love in ham radio in '60s. After Steve, KF7YRL, says in his bio in the QRZ. com, I would keep the motto "tell me your story" this year. It will make my life meaningful.


  1. You are a very fortunate man, Dr. Onisawa. Your ham radio life has treated you to a multitude of friends from every continent and from every walk of life. Such friendships are a very nice gift.

    And, you have very understanding neighbors with a true love of great music.

    1. Don,

      I didn't want to brag such chats. But there had been so few chances to enjoy such chats nowadays that I was inclined to write such a story from time to time. If I were always able to have such a fun, I won't do that. Anyway, I still pursue such way of enjoyment. Of course, it includes QSOs with you. See you often.