The shorty ones

The conditions are getting better on the air. So quiet and open to the areas over the pole. I have been working several East Coasts on 15m this morning. Again I have met a few guys calling me only their calls. When they call me a bit off the frequency as well as off the timing, I am always perplexed and wondering if I should reply to him/her. It could be often misleading. They sound as if in a pile up or in DX contest. Such guys always finish QSOs with the report and name only. Very busy people.

I don't believe it is a good habit to omit the other's call or DE before own call. So I won't reply to those calling me in that style. If I respond them, it means I admit their way of operation and help it to prevail in CW communication.

Those guys always go away as soon as they finish exchanging the reports and the names only. They must be thinking that they have spent time effectively. As I repeatedly tell, it is meaningless for me to make contacts in this way. I would let them do in that way with the same kind of guys. I would not do that.



  1. Shin,

    Got home from work early today to find 10m open. Called CQ many times with the same result as you experienced. Likewise I sometimes will not answer a station who omits my call and is usual off frequency. I believe most of these operators have spotted me on the DX clusters, double clicked on the band map changing there rigs to that frequency and hit the memory button. Always with 5NN TU.

    This is one reason I quit chasing DX, there is no challenge with the clusters, memory keyers, keyboards and code readers. Then upload to LOTW. It has taken the fun out of chasing DX. I did work RI1ANF from South Shetland Island on the first call(out of boredom). These guys do not know how to work DX, No experience in calling on the same frequency as the last station worked. I have worked all the DX i want to in my 48 yrs and much prefer to rag chew now a days but decent operators are hard to find. I usually work the same guys over and over. A lot has changed in the last half century.

    Hope to catch you on the air soon.

    161 Steve N6TT

    9V1VV DE JA1NUT GE OM UR 599 599 HW K
    599 TU
    (pause) 9V1VV DE JA1NUT TKS OM CUAGN 73

    That's the sort of thing right? It drives me crazy...why does anyone spend their valuable time like this?

    I am surprised to be able to post on here now. Usually blogs are blocked. Working about 50 miles south west of Jianziang. Heading for Singapore within the next week for major repairs. Very QRL up and down engineroom all day fixing generators etc. Schizophrenic life. One half music books and CW. Other half electrical craziness.

  3. Hi There!
    I tried to work PV8ADI this morning, but I couldn't log him. Guess what? He sent me HA6AP 599 Then I tried to correct him without luck. I called him again. He sent me HA7AW 599. What can I say? My call is HA7AP! and I really heard him with 599, but he must have heard me at 229 or so.

    you mentioned how the QSO moral was different half a century ago, but I believe back then there were less hams, with less power and smaller antenna and equipment. So people were really happy back then, when they could work a DX, therefore they were curious about each other and started to having longer conversations.
    Nowadays, there is INTERNET!! and big antenna systems and huge power amplifiers and not to mention how the HAM community were doubled or tripled since the 50's, so younger generation doesn't really care about one another.
    People like to work many DX quick and they like to work contest even quicker, but when they are getting older, guess what? they don't find this type of procedure funny any more.
    I know, because I was one of them too. I loved contesting and DXing,
    but now.......I love rag chewing only.
    Believe me, these guys will be slow down too and start to have longer conversations, whether they do SSB or CW.

    161 Imi HA7AP

  4. Imi,

    Very well put, I agree with you. I started as a hardcore rag chewer but quickly got into DX and contesting. Then 3 1/2 yrs ago i spent 1 yr in bed for the hepatitis C virus which i cleared. It almost killed me. After that my whole attitude changed for ham radio. Also I was busy raising my family and put all my energy into sport activities,home schooling my kids, etc....My biggest complaint today is the clusters, you dont have to have any abilities or skills to push buttons. I know hams who have DXCC on cw and can not even read there calls at 5 wpm. It is a different world.
    congrats on a excellent rag chew QSO you posted on youtube. You have a excellent fist Imi sounded like around 45 wpm bravo- Also you posted about duel lever having less movement for QRQ, I have been practicing my QRQ skills and I find duel lever is best for me at 45 wpm, if im feeling good hi -