Bon Voyage, John!

In 3 days , you will leave for another voyage for 6 weeks. Bon voyage, John. Here is a gift for farewell for a while to you. The piano quartet Nr2 A Dur OP26 by Brahms. I always wonder how you are spending spare time on aboard. Reading? Listening to music? Watching the bands?

Add some chamber musics especially of Brahms to your collection, I know, composed of Baroque. This piano quartet is written in free style like his symphony Nr2. Lyric throughout all the movements. There is some bitterness in the lyricism, though. It is surprising that Brahms has written music in this way at this young age. You may hear him sobbing in the 2nd movement Poco Adagio, with the string instruments performing con sordino in the beginning, which abruptly turned crying out for something in the mid portion. I am sure you will enjoy it especially for a night cap.

Well, I am sorry we could not talk about such as music on the radio in your present vacation. I hope to catch you when you are back home. Take care!


  1. Hi Shin... a good rendition of Brahms #2 Quartet, at least that's what it sounds like to my untutored ears. Many passages with the build-up of tensions which are always completely resolved.

    On board I will bring my iPod with thousands of hours of music, mostly renaissance and baroque, but some Beatles, Abba and Jimi Hendrix as well ! I am sorry, the period 1750-1960 is completely absent!

    I have to be awake 5.30 am every day and don't finish evening meal until 6.30 pm so I have only three hours to myself... sometimes I read or listen music, other times chat with the navigators on the bridge or listen to 7026 on the GMDSS receiver !!! I will send you SWL reports !!

    Take care see you.

    1. The phrase "the period 1750-1960 is completely absent!" sounds really funny.

      We could be stubborn as for beloved music. It is not a problem. We should be stubborn in this respect. For music is involved in our most profound experiences. I still would like to know how and what you like musics.

      It sounds you are spending pretty busy days. OK. I will rumor on 7026 about a guy in Singapore strayed from 18th into 21st century and wandering in the ocean now.

      Take care until we will meet again.