A plum tree

This plum tree is about 20 years old. My father used to plant it here at a corner of our yard. It had not grown much for the first several years. A small poor outlook tree. It was not until we sprayed insecticide chemical on it before spring that we knew that this tree was vulnerable to insects. It has become very healthy and has grown up taller year by year after insecticide procedure was done every spring.
In a few years, it has grown to this size. Full of leaves on the branches in spring. When I walked under the tree one day in spring, I felt something touching on my head. It was when I found it had bore hundreds of plums. The leaves had hidden the fruits. Needless to say we have had fresh plums for a week or so. A bagful plums every morning.
Unfortunately, it has been suffering from some kind of mold for the past few years. It went almost dead. I heard too abundant branches with leaves could bother to get it ventilated and the resulting high humidity within the tree made mold increased so much. This fall I decided to cut some branches climbing on a ladder. This is the tree with the unnecessary branches already cut. A hard work for me. Will it bear so many fruits next spring? 


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