A big mess by several contests

Light epigastric pain has woke me up so early in the morning. I know it's due to too much eating last night. Having prepared several dishes for our daughter's birthday, I enjoyed them by myself also. It is the time for me to change eating habit a little bit. Now my stomach could not put up with too much foods coming into it at one time. An aging thing in addition to shallow sleep.

I came into the radio shack. There seem a few contests going on at the same time. Earlier in the evening, Chinese hams were shouting CQ WAP on 40m CW. What was WAP? In Japan, a big domestic contest is gong on on both CW and SSB, whose joiners are not numerous at this time in a day. Or is it due to the skipping of the bands? Europeans are exchanging some unique abbreviations possibly standing for their QTH as the number in an unkown contest. An Australian was sending serial numbers on SSB. Is it an Oceanian contest? There are CA QSO Party participants on CW and SSB as well. I felt dizzy at those numbers contests going on at the same time. When so many contests go on at the same time, the participants at each contest must be lower in number. It will be of less fun for them, won't it? I don't care for any contests for now. But I still worry about them. Contests are competition for only limited number of guys while they are a kind of feasts to show up each other. If so, they could be of more fun if more numbers of stations join them. Why won't they get those contests united into one or two being held at the same time?

I found Bill N7YT calling CQ on a higher freq on 20m. The signal was not loud enough. But, appreciating his guts to call CQ for plain QSO in such contest mess, I have given him a call. He told me he had tested the keyer he took over from his father. I could not go on talking with him for a long time due to the dropped condition. It seemed his father had passed away recently. Thinking that my keyer won't be used by any kid of mine after my SK, I thought his father must have felt satisfied to have his key taken over by Bill. Before his signal went down below the noise, I gave him 73 telling his keyer was working perfect. I prefer such a QSO to mechanical and depersonalized ones in any contest.

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