A Late Quartet

A fascinating movie seems to be released very soon. It's titled "A Late Quartet". The caption says as follows;

"Members of a world-renowned string quartet struggle to stay together in the face of death, competing egos and insuppressible lust."


A quartet is the most stable and perfect style of music performance. Four voices compose a cosmos. Nothing unnecessary nor lacking. The trailer of this movie features Nr16 Quartet of Beethoven, I believe. It sounds great.

The actors or actress seem quite amateur for string instruments. But they are playing nicely. According to the trailer, the cellist seems to be suffering from Parkinsonism. There seems to be a crisis in the couple of the members. It is most plausible for a quartet of aged players. I would like to see how he and the rest of the quartet struggle for such a problem.

I am looking forward to watching this movie soon. I should install the display and DVD player in my room... 

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