Congrats to Prof Nakayama

I would congratulate to Prof Nakayama on being awarded for Nobel Prize. In Japan, he is the 2nd award recipient for the medicophysiological area in N. P. after Prof Tonegawa. Tonegawa has made a brilliant study in immunology. Since I was involved in some immunological study those days, I was thrilled to know of his accomplishment regarding the elucidation of the diversity in immunological recognition. Nakayama's work as for iPS cell is also epoch making to the same extent as Tonegawa. This technology might open the door for new regenerative medicine.

The biggest difference between two of them is that Nakayama was originally from the clinical medicine while Tonegawa was a graduate of the faculty of biology in Kyoto Univ. Medical doctors are always behind those from biology, biochmistry or pharmacology for the undergraduate degree regarding the research works. And he was a graduate from Kobe Univ. which is a pretty good and old school but is not given much research resources in Japan. Before he was invited to Kyoto Univ, he had started his research on iPS at another school in Nara, which was not given much funds for research either. Even at the present school, he seemed to need funds for further study. I have mentioned in my japanese blog that he was appealing for any donation for his study in the internet. He told there he would run a marathon race, his another hobby, and if he got good result, he wanted them to donate for his research. Maybe, from now on, he might be blessed with a bit more funds for the research and doesn't need to run in marathon for the fund any longer.

They say he often concludes his speech with the message that it is just the start for he has not helped any patient with his technology yet. He is surely oriented for clinical medicine. It is only possible for a medical doctor. He must be focusing on those patients who need help by regenerative medicine. I am so glad a medical doctor was awarded for this prize.  

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