Clem W1EVT

Clem used to be the only East Coast I could hear with my wire antenna in 1960s. I could not forget his wobbly signal on 40m coming over the north pole. Since I came back on the air in 1980, I had had good QSOs with him at first as NY1N and then as W1EVT again. I used to try visiting him with Bill K1YT in Stow when I stayed at Bill's home in 1991. But we could not find out the entrance gate there! Numerous high towers were standing there. Ladder lines were coming into his home. But no entrance found there.

For the past several years, I have not heard him on the air at all. He used to show up on the air in the long path season but never came through here in any season for these years. However, on 10m this morning, I met Don K1DC who told me he had met Clem in eye ball a month ago. Don used to be in Boston area and moved dwon to Ala. a year ago. He seemed to have met Clem at some ham convention over there in Mass.  

Don told me Clem was now 93 years old and was not very active on the radio. But the big arrays of his antenna are still working OK. Clem told him he was cooking by himself. Clem used to work with Uda at MIT who had invented the Yagi Uda antenna system with Yagi. He has been a person of testimony for the development of ham radio. I really hope him to live long and to operate radio if possible.

It was good to know about Clem from Don this morning.

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