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I know many people in the US are against Obamacare. About 70 to 80% of the people whom I met in person or on the air critisized this reformation program. In my opinion, however, it is even incomplete for the health care reformation. It is difficult for me to understand why this program has been so sturdily opposed in the US. In the supreme court, this program was judged constitutional. But the reinforced medicaid program was not, so far as I heard.

One point they blame it is that the people should be responsible for their health by themselves. It sounds like a remnant of pioneer spirit. But it is not the days of the pioneer now. If you should be seriously sick and could not affort the expensive medical care, how do you think of the situation? Healthy people won't appreciate how important the insurance system is. You will know it once you get sick. When you get seriously sick, you seem to be most likely to be bankrupted in the US without costly insurance. Is it acceptable to most of the people there?

The 2nd issue is the budget necessary for the reformation. It will take you much money to establish the individual mandate sustem as the opponents to the Obamacare say. I wonder if it is right or if it is biased by the campaign of the insurance capitals. The US medical expenditure is famous for its high cost, that is, 18% of GDP, at present. Most expensive medical service in the world. Yes, rich people could afford the most cutting edge medical treatments in the world. But one person out of 6 could not afford any insurance. Quite some of the people could have only ER type treatments. In several states with conservative leaders won't accept the Obamacare. Their ideology deprives the state people of the chance for reasonbale medical treatments even though the state people pay the same amount of the federal tax. The insurance capitals are gaining 20% of profit from the total income. At least, the logic of capitalism is not appropriate in this field.

I am concerned about this issue since our system seems to head to that in the US. The factor making it worse is our bureaucracy in our country. Now I am becoming one of those taking medical services apart from the side of medical service giver. I could not help being much concerned about it here. I won't care for the Presidential Election going on right now in the US or any theological arguments between the concservative and the liberal. Any suggestion or comment based on the reality is welcomed.

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  1. Shin,

    It is very hard to respond to a question such as yours in a short message. But the comment that capitalism/markets have no place in health care is the root of the problem in paying for health care. They absolutely have a place. Markets price scarce resources and they have a place in health care without doubt.

    I don't expect to convince you or anyone else of this by simply saying it. But if you want to hear a different point of view in more depth than I can offer in this comment, take a look at:


    - Pat

    Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis (Independent Studies in Political Economy)

    In the groundbreaking book Priceless , renowned healthcare economist John Goodm