Going to meet an old friend of mine since '60s

Jim, NN6EE, has given me an e mail. It told he would visit our country next month. We will meet in Tokyo after over 50 years friendship on the air. Even though there was an interval of no contact for a few decades. We used to be teen age boys when we met first. I was 17 years old while he was 19 years. A long time ago.

He was WB6BBC those days. He was running with a bug. I still remember his keying swinging like a banana boat.  He must have been a night owl. I could hear him around or a bit later than our sunset hours. 

He might have spent young days at a wealthy family. A big house and his own car. Impossible for me being rather poor with home brew 6AQ5 transmitter to imagine that way of life. Or was it a typical middle classed family in the US back in '60s.

He still calls me as Sin, which I used to use for handle those days. It's short spell, I thought, was beneficial for DX QSO on CW. Crazy! It was not correct pronounciationwise and I have changed it to Shin later. What gorgeous set up! Collins and Signal one? They were like rigs in heaven for me in Japan those days. Later, when coming back on the radio in 1980s, I was astonished that radios made in JA were overwheling in the ham radio market all over the world. Anyway, this photo again told me what well off lives they were living. 

Could we recognize each other all after this absence in June?

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  1. Shin, I enjoyed reading your blog, it makes me hungry, HI HI