In the garden

German Iris is a species tolerant to both heat and cold. They show beautiful flowers in spring. We have 3 kinds of them, white, yellow and this deep purple. This purple one is growing just in front of the dining kitchen at the house where our parents used to live. Through the window, they might have enjoyed them blooming in this season.

I might have posted the same kind of photos of this flower before. I love this so much. Mysteriously beautiful.

Has it passed 2 years since I asked the gardener to cut the branches of this Japanese zelkova. It was planted in order to have shades to the house in summer over 20 years ago. Soon, it has grown like a giant tree which made the rooms in the house a bit dark even in daytime. That was the reason why I asked cutting branches. The vitality of this tree is really remarkable so that it has grown this way. Zelkova is a common garden tree in this area. Most farmers' houses have this kind of tree, so high and beautifully stretching branches in the air. I have seen them on the way to the office. It seems they have been cut sometime ago. It might be difficult for them to maintain those high trees. It is a loss in the scenary in this area.

It will get warmer day by day. Plants and trees are growing enormously. I should plant veggies now. Weeds are waiting for me as well. 

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