Viva 49ers!

Without being conscious of that, I found I had not posted anything to this blog for such a long time, even though I decided to continue posting every day in the beginning of this month. There have been many things to talk about regarding myself as well as the society. The busy garden work, especially pulling the weeds, tires me a lot by evening hours. Having a glass of cold lager, I could not stay awake but fall asleep a bit. Then, at night, I spend most of the time with cello and listening to music. Not renewing this blog may mean everything is going on well for me.

Strawberry is ripe at present.

Harvesting them in the daytime, we enjoy them like confection at night. My wife has brought some to the staff at her office.

The news today tells the strawberry in the market in Japan has too much insecticides. Mine isn't polluted with it at all! Too bad farming products are contaminated with insecticides etc in our country.

Tomatoes are growing as well. Hoperfully, some of them will be ripened by the beginning of the rainy season next month. They hate too much rainfall. 

In 4 days, I will turn to be 70 years of age. Where have my young days gone? It is a joke. I won't complain of the past days but would like to enjoy what old age brings to me. This prospect for senility reminds me of my parents. I sure could understand what they thought of lives, the family and so on. How little I have sympathized to them! Anyway, whatever I might think of it, time is going on and we get older. Viva 49ers!! 


  1. It took me a bit to make the connection. Living in the northern California area for 35 years had made the term "49er" to be synonymous with the football team of San Francisco. But, I know realize my confusion.

    Viva 47ers


  2. Shin... Non-organic strawberries and apples are the worst carriers of insecticides and fungicides in the marketplace here too. Organic produce has become very popular and the pricing is coming down, as well. Non-organic Bananas grown in Central America are loaded with fungicides because the orchards are covered with a fungus that's killing the trees. Our organic bananas here come from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru and they are much better and safer to eat.