Spring is starting here

The forecast says it will be rainy today or tomorrow. It has been too dry in this winter. Rainfall is really welcomed. I have started pulling the weeds in the garden. The lawn is not vivid green yet. But I have cared for it along tht street. There have been a lot of fallen leaves from the street tree and from those in the jr. high near by on the lawn, which I have cleared as well. Such work will keep me busy until next fall.

I was willing to go on cooking hot pot dishes for some time until the warmer season starts. However, there was a voice that said that kind of dish was enough. And I cooked beef with okra and eggplant seasoned with red miso. 

The newly harvested potato is available now. It was cooked to salad with cucumber and ham.

Spring is starting here. I will have a lot of things to do. Wondering what vegetables should be planted and where etc. It will be a fruitful season for sure.

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