The 1st anniversary of Prof. Isoyama's death

It was the 1st anniversary of Prof. Isoyama's passing 3 days ago. On that day last year, he has been injured badly on his head when he was on the way home from a vocal ensemble concours, where he played the role of judge. As I have written in the post relating his death last year, he has been a renowned researcher of Bach. I have learned a lot from his books on Bach's works like Matthew's Passion or H minor Mass etc.

His books are written for not only amateur music lovers as well as researchers. They have contained not only the well established knowledges but also the latest findings on the theme. Despite of his stand point out of the Chritianity, he has
approached in his own way to the world of belief in Christianity and of the bible as close as possible throughout his research life.

In his blog left even after his death, he has sometimes asked himself if it was possible for him to understand Bach's music as well as Christians do. He seemed to have been asked the sam question by others. Most Bach's works started with signature of Jesu Juva while finished with Soli Deo Gloria, which meant Bach had devoted to those works firmly on the belief of Lutheran Christianity. After all of the Prof.'s consideration of this issue, he concluded he could study Bach in religiosity where one could perceive and live under a supreme being even if it was only an intellectual approach to the religion. There could have been objections against his approach since belief in a religion should be an existential thing like the words "Quo vadis, domine?" St. Peters spoke to Jesus on the way escaping from Rome in the era of Nero who had persecuted Christians. St. Peters has lived his belief.

He had to spend his last several weeks without consciousness. Even in that condition, he could think of things in subconsciousness which modern medicine could not handle with. I just wonder what he has thought of the issue those days, even though it is, of course, impossible now. It is not a denounce to him at all. I fully understand his standpoint on this issue which he has done research work with.

Anyway, he has passed the life on this earth now, leaving so many good works on Bach. Feeling thankful fot that, I would concentrate on Bach and his works as Prof.'s books indicate.

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