Curry and rice

Honestly speaking, I love curry and rice as my mother used to. Simple and possibly high caloried! I cooked it with canned tomato and canned tuna and mackerel. It was seasoned with stock cubes in addition to ordinary curry roux. The secret seasoning was yogurt.

Pretty good with full bodies taste. Red wine tasted good with this curry.

It is getting warmer now. I should get ready for farming. Plowing soil and mixing it with mulch. When pulling weeds keeps me too busy, I often complain of the outdoor work. But working outside is a kind of blessing.


  1. A Celebration meal.

    When travelling to Tokyo to bid on sales of rice to MAFF in the late nineties, if successful with a sale to the Japanese government, would always stop at a restaurant at the Narita Airport and have Curry and Rice and Kirin Beer. I traveled with an assistant named Jim Higa from Okinawa. He led me to this meal. Even thought American Airlines would offer me food and drink once on the plane to Seattle, the curry, rice and Kirin was to celebrate our victory over our competitors.

    1. Don,

      I am pleased to hear that story. I could imagine how you were enjoying it with your colleague after haveing made success in business. You should return to Japan and look for that restaurant at Narita. My handmade dish as well.