Pleasure in CW communication

As I have been writing here and somewhere else, the decline of the number of CW operators seems definite now. I know groups of CW are trying to advocate this mode to the new comers. Have they made any success at that? I am afraid they haven't reached any goal yet so far as to educate those who love it as a mode to communicate with others.

There are many kinds of communication mode in or out of ham radio invented and developed all over the world. Needless to say that the internet has changed things drastically. And the digital modes are handy enough to work a certain station far away in ham radio. Those other modes than CW won't require any training and are easy and inexpensive to set up anywhere anytime. The problem is if we could tell assuredly a young new comer it still deserves training CW or not. To tell that, we should know what pleasure we could have in communicating on this simplest way of mode and how it comes from in our brain.

I would relate what has been known about these topics in series, even though I have already written about them in the past posts of this blog. I would emphasize how important it is to know the pleasure of CW communication. It has been taken granted in the past when CW communication was the only or the major way to communicate with somewhere far away. Now we should verbalize it.

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