Attending to a restaurant

There is a restaurant where I go for meal once a week or so. An old couple, a few years younger than me, has been managing for more than 2 decades. They used to have a small restaurant within the hospital where I worked in my forties. I often took lunch there and knew them well. About the time when I quit there planning to start own practice, the couple had been compelled by the administrator to close the restaurant as well. They have started own business at that restaurant along a trunk road not too far from the hospital.

This is their only restaurant. They seem to have purchased the building from someone else. Pretty old outlook.

Possibly, they have worked very hard and could own 5 restaurants in this area other than this one. I have heard of their success in business. The landlady, however, told me they had to close those restaurants when I visited there some months ago. The main reason was that they could find too few employees. In the week ends, the restaurant could be deadly busy with so many customers while it is not so on the plain week days. They should seek part time workers who would work only in the week ends. Since there were less people applying for such part time job now, they had to give up managing the other 5 places.

They serve mainly Italian dishes with reasonable price. This is a spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese I often enjoy there. The fettucine, the broad kind of spaghetti noodle, fits well to the thick sauce of tomato.

I have already taken half of the dish. Very good. I won't get bored with this dish.

The landlady sometimes comes to me and we talk of the old days and those whom we both have known since the hospital days. I was surprised to hear the pediatrician who had taken over my position at the hospital died from cancer several years ago. I knew him in person. An eager and good will doctor. I was a bit shocked to know that. That news reminded me that his name had been withdrawn from the doctor list in the hospital web page some years ago. He must have worked hard at the hospital. It is a big loss.

We have known quite some of the nurses who worked with me those days. Most of them seem to do well at present as the landlady told me. One of them, as old as me, seems to still work at the same hospital. A nice lady with conscience. She never said yes to me as for any thing not good for the patients. I respected her so much. I wish I could see her and the other staff again.

Attendance to this restaurant may continue for some time.

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