Meuniere of cod fish

Meuniere of cod fish. After starting cooking it, I knew there was less spinach necessary for this dish and hurried to a supermarket to buy it. Another busy evening.

While cooking cod fish, it has been fragmented to pieces. It won't matter the taste, though. Squeezing lemon, I have washed it carefully. I know carcinogenic anti mold agent could be mixed with wax on its surface. 

Pretty good one.

Talking of cod fish, I could not help recalling Cape Cod in Mass, where a good friend of mine, Jan, K5MA, used to live. He has attended a welcome reception for me Bill, K1YT, used to hold at his home in Stow Mass back in 1991. He passed away a year or two ago after having suffered from Alzheimer for years. Has he enjoyed this kind of dish in Cape Cod?  

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