Sweet potatoes

I have harvested sweet potatoes grown from one plant yesterday. The vine spread over a few meters in radius. The harvest is shown here.

It was a harder work than expected. Some of them were deep in the soil. I was a bit excited at the number of sweet potatoes and dug them put almost forgetting how long it took. After this hard work, I started plowing another garden farm for fall vegetables. It was a few minutes later when I got the sharp back pain. I realized the herniation of disc had returned to me. Fortunately, my wife's care and some pain killer med have helped me a lot, so that I could walk slowly by this afternoon. In a few days, I could return to the garden work. A couple of crops of sweet potatoes flourishing like jungles are waiting for me to harvest. I will be more careful not to hurt my back. I still need to make exercise to strengthen my back muscles.

I have already planted Welsch onions and radishes. The latter has already germinated. It will be a good material for pot dishes at cold night soon. 

I was afraid I could not have operated radio with the back pain. It turned out not to be so. I have enjoyed good ragchews with a few friends on the higher bands. The conditions are changing toward that typical for fall now. 

I will spend even more time sweeping the dial from now on. 

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