Radioactive contamination going on

Two news which might be related with the radiation pollution from the 1st nuclear power plant in Fukushima destroyed at the earth quake have been published.

One is that they have done a survey for childhood thyroid cancer in Kitaibaraki city about 45miles south of the nuclear plant. It revealed 3 out of more than 3593 children surveyed had thyroid cancer. They said the time span from the possible irradiation by the accident was too short and that thyroid cancer could be occult in general population, so that they concluded this finding of the thyroid cancer cases was not related with the accident.

As with the other studies of childhood thyroid cancer survey in Fukushima and adjascent areas, there was no control population studied with the same methodology at the same time. But Kitaibaraki was a highly contaminated area with radioactive substances. It is the time when any health problem could start occurring at present. We should, therefore, closely observe the follow up of the cases of childhood thyroid cancer and the other health issues related with irradiation.

The other news was that many of the fir trees grown in the area around the collapsed nuclear power plant had turned out to have a growth anomly. The trunk won't grow at certain point and stays short. The National Institute of Radiological Sciences, which has published this data, is going to study if radiation could cause such an anomalous growth of fir trees.

The forests on the mountain side of the nuclear power plant are known to be highly contaminated with radioactive substances. The substances are known to remain on the surface of the soil for a long time. They may, no wonder, harm normal growth of trees or the other plants/animals living there. Of course, the contaminated soil could never be deconaminated and would be left as it is. This environmental contamination could cause any effects on our lives in the future. Especial;ly, on the next generation, I am afraid.


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