It is never for the people

Regarding the national security bill being discussed in the diet, the government will decide it by the end of this week. It is a bill of a very important issue as for what country Japan would become in the future.

On the other hand, they have held the public hearings since yesterday. Only 2 days are planned. And it is immediately before the decision at the diet. It is against the objective of public hearing to listen to the people's opinion for reference to the discussion at the diet. The government won't take the principle of democracy as an important thing at all.

They are working not for the people but for the other power. The power they are serving seems to be the military-industrial complex. Since the cold war ended in '90s, it has been a main issue how to maintain and increase the profits of such global undsutries. They say Bilderberg Conference has been one of such a group which cared for the world hegemony and the military-industrial complex.

Since the US recedes from the position of the world cop, there should be regional allies which take over the power and hegemony under the influence of the US as the off shore balancer. The purpose of the national security bill in Japan could be well explained in this scheme.

It is never for the people.

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