Summer ending in the garden

The brutally hot summer seems to have gone for a few days. The heat spell has left some damages in the garden. Cosmos won't come out so flourishingly. I still love those flowers.

Mary gold are out of full bloom as well. They would have shown the beautiful flowers until Oct. I am afraid the heat has damaged them. Some of them have already turned to seeds.  

I have started planting fall vegetables. Welsch onion and radish have been seeded. When grown ripe, they will occupy the main positions in Nabe dish in this fall to winter. Some broccoli and cabbages will be planted as well. Some tomatoes are still cropped.

I have cut the lawn for the 3rd time this summer. I use a 2 cycle engined mower. It is a pretty heavy work. Wondering until when I could go on this chore, I do this heavy work. When finished, however, I found it had deserved sweating with it. Lawn grows even more thick and beautiful. Weeds are suppressed.

Heavy but still full life in summer is reaching the end.

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