After the storm

It is icredibly fine day here. It is like a dream that we have had that torrential rain for a few days.

It has caused landslides and flooding along the big river named Kinugawa running from north to south in the center of the prefecture here. Of course, in the mountainous area in the western part has also suffered. A few people have been killed or missing. Thousands of people have been evacuated from the dangerous areas. Numbers of houses were lost as well. No words to encourage them. I only hope they will recover the peaceful days at home soon.

Fortunately, we are living in a slightly hilly place. No damage from this storm at all. My wife has been scared to drive on a bridge over the river. There seemed only jammed traffic there.

They say this heavy rain, the record amount of rainfall over 600 mm/2 days, has been caused by a winded jet stream, which slowed a typhoon crossing the central part of Japan and kept the front along the eastern part of the main land for a long time. Apparently apart from this topic, the drought has attacked various parts of the world. In Syria, the crops have failed due to drought, they say. A lot of farmers have escaped into Damascus, which has been one of the causes of the civil war there. The drought everywhere could not be unrelated with the aberrant global climate going on right now.

Millions of refugees have been subjected to severe lives there. It is not a strangers' problem.

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