The VW case

The emission problem of VW cars seems to make the company confront to very difficult situation.

Any reformed application for controlling the engine may trade off the motion performance of the car. The customers won't agree with that. It is not practical to exchange the engines to newly developed ones for total 11 million cars.

The only possibility is buying back all the sold cars. Buying  back all of them may cost over one hundred million USD if they pay half of the prices. I wonder if VW could put up with this financial burden.

This event showed how risky it is to sell items with the same parts and spec all over the world. Once such a problem as this VW case occurs, it may give them astronomical monetary burden.

Considering of the stern competition for better emission or gas mileage of automobiles, I am afraid there could be such a case of corruption in this business field as this VW case. I am afraid the engineers on charge of designing may be too much tempted to alter such an application for apparently better performance.


  1. I own one of the VW "clean" diesel cars Shin. I too am wondering what they will do. Since I have 100K miles on mine if they bought it back at 1/2 price that would be OK with me. I would use the money to get a Toyota Prius hybrid.

    1. That may be the only solution for them to satisfy the users. I wonder if they could endure that financial burden. They say Eu or the authority have known this problem for years. The management staff at VW could not excuse saying that they haven't been told about it. Global undustries are using the same parts of the same applications for numerous different models or items. Once there is turned out any serious defect, they should pay the more. Prius won't at high mileage as they advertise when you drive it in the city. But with long run drive, it may give you pretty good gas mileage. I won't purchase any more cars.