Forty is getting active

Forty meters is finally in good shape. I have worked Bob K7QXY, Art NS7E and Sam K5HDX in a chain around 08Z. Bob was new to me. He has been in QRT for the past 37 years. A good hand key user. I have known the other two pretty well for some years. It was a fun to see them, either new or old to me. The band is very quiet. The signals are not very loud but still very steady here.

The high bands have been mostly dead since the beginning of this summer. It has been due to lowered solar activity as well as the geomagnetic storms coming on continuously.  I feel 40 meters is getting more active. There are more CW operators getting on this band. It surely reminds me of the good old days. Some are staying up until that late while the others wake up very early in the morning in NA. I would go on calling CQ on around 7026KHz at our sunset. if my fist makes a bit more mistakes in sending, it is due to a glass of beer I take at this time in a day.

Honestly speaking, I am afraid this activity on both sides across the Pacific Ocean may be the last chance for us to enjoy such leisurely conversation on CW. The CW ragchewers are steadily decreasing in number. Actually, it has been quite difficult for me to find out anyone for such a ragchew. In spite of that gloomy expectation, I would, as the vulgar slang says, kick ass the band while the band is open. My friends, it would be a precious chance for us to enjoy this path for now. Come on the band if you get up early. And, in a month or two, it will start opening to europe through the long path as well. I would look for the friends there also.

When I finish the glass of beer and this miraculous opening on 40 meters, I would start cooking dinner.


  1. Thanks for the nice QSO tonight Shin, as you can tell I am just starting out in CW but am having lots of fun. My goal is to be proficient enough for conversational morse. I still have a long way to go, that is for sure, but nice polite operators like yourself make learning CW a pleasurable experience. 73 and look forward to our next qso. Hopefully i will be able to match you with some more conversation. DE VK4FFAB

    1. Rob,

      Nice to meet you last night. Were you really running only FT817? Pretty good signal for that set up. In late fall, the conditions will be more stable and I would see you then. I hope you to keep up activity on this mode. it has been fun for me to converse on this mode for more than 50 years. I am glad a young ham like you is coming into this pleasurant mode for conversation. See you again soon.


    2. Radio was an IC-718 running 10w, 10w is the legal power limit for my license. I sit an upgrade exam in 2 weeks, then i will be able to turn the power up to 100w on the radio HIHI.

      Thanks for your kind words Shin, it is always nice to get some encouragement, cw is a great mode, it is also a challenging mode to learn. Back in the early 90's i failed the novice morse exam 2 times before i gave up on radio. And only got my license 12 months ago, after finding out morse is not a requirement anymore.

      And the funny thing is, i am better now at CW after 2 months of practicing, than i ever was back in the 90's HIHI and I am enjoying it.

      73 my friend and look forward to CW qso with you again soon, 15m should start working again in the afternoons, so keep an eye out for me on the high bands.



    3. Rob,

      Congratulations to you on being bitten by the bug! Loving it is always the best motivation and the best teacher for you. 2x4 call is fancy but is sometimes confusing. I wish you good luck to upgrade your ticket.