A trip to Kyoto enroute to Takamatsu

In the last week end, we have been to Takamatsu in Shikoku to see the parents in law. My wife has been there regularly once 2 or 3 months. I have joined her for this trip this time again. We have had a bonus in this trip.

Leaving home before 8 o'clock in the morning, we have made stopover at Kyoto and listented to a concert of Kyoto Municipal Symphony Orchestra at Kyoto Concert Hall. A fanfare by Dukas, followed by Violin Concerto Nr1 by Shostakovitch and Symphony Nr1 by Brahms. The solist was a young virtuoso violinist named Kazuhito Yamane of 20 years of age, who had won, at the age of 15 years, the 1st prize in Japan Music Concours.

The concerto itself was a grave and serious music. It is full of passages showing off the performer's technique. Even though the 3rd movement of Passacaglia gave the audience a feeling of relief and calmness for a while, the entire music is governed by anxiety and pain in some struggle. It might reflect Shostakovitch's inner world at the time.

Brahms is one of the most famous symphonies. I used to play it at the top side of cellists in the university orchestra in a concert when I finally could manage playing all the score, without questioning how well I could, since I had started practicing cello for 3 years or so. Fond memories. My wife has booked this concert by herself. As I wrote of that somewhere, when we got married and were settled down in this countryside for residency, we talked and expected of chances to go for concerts in Tokyo. Until now, we have had only few chances. I am glad my wife has made booking of this concert after such a long interval.

The concert hall. Thirty minutes drive on a taxi from the JR station. We have had lunch of french dishes before the concert. A quiet nice place.

I noticed there had been more young people in the audience than the other concerts of classical music. It may be because the ticket was not so expensive as the ordinary concerts. It might be also because of the rather numerous universities in this old town. Kyoto city Some 10 minutes before the concert started. The hall was full of the audience at the start. It was remarkable there were more young people in the audience than in the other concerts. It was, probably, because there were several universities in Kyoto. One of them is a municipal art university, which has produced many renowned classical music players. 

At the assited living facility the parents in law are in, everything seemed going on without any change and the time was passing by in serenity and peace. Father told us the staff has been changed quite often. He has been careful for the relationship with them and the other people living there. It is the last place for them to spend their lives, so that I fully understand what he was anxious about. I thought of his concern and anxiety in the small society of the nursing home. Mother in law seemed to progress dementia and was bed ridden all the day. The staff caring for them looked cheerful and helpful to them, which I could not thanked even more. 

We took the father in law for shopping at a super market. Sister in law has been caring for them quite well. But father still seemed to be reserved to the others including her. We have purchased some clothes etc. The sister in law visited the home and took us for lunch. A pleasant time. She showed us her granddaughter and her dog in video clips using a PC. Father seemed delighted to have sashimi rarely served at the nursing home. I wished we could have some beer together. Saying farewell to us, he walked to the home. Very slow steps But no staggering. I wished them peace in mind and happy days. It is a bit sad to see them losing capabilities more and more whenever we meet them. I felt they, with their existence itself, told us how to spend the rest of our lives. I feel a bit guilty not to have seen them oftener in the past while they were more active. I am still glad to see them as they are now. They are real teacher in our lives.

In front of the Takamatsu JR station through the window of the hotel we stayed.

She said, honestly, she felt more ralaxed at home in Mohka than anywhere, when we got home.


  1. Shin. How nice of you to share these private moments and thoughts with us. Thank You. Much better than sharing the political circus going on in each of our respective countries!

    1. Haha, I often have different opinions regarding politics or economy from yours but still respect your thoughts. I have read through the short article re the prospect of the world economy you had sent to me. Sometime, I would discuss about that. Or time will give us the answer soon.

      Thanks for the comment anyway. It was a busy trip but is what we could make at present. It is always nice to see the old parents. Good day there!