The Art of Fugue

Gould is totally involved in the music. It seems as if he lived in the music itself. Music must have been his life, emotion, idea, religion and atmosphere. In the performance of the latter contrapunctus, he sung in low voice. He was wholly immersed in the world of this piece. 

I used to listen to this music, the Art of Fugue by Bach, performed with the organ at the chapel of the ICU in Tokyo when I was around 20 years old. For a young boy, it was a bit complicated piece. But I still remember how it had abruptly ended in unfinished manner. There has been much discussion about this finish as well. I was impressed this otherwise perfect piece had to be finished in this way. The world could never be perfect.

I often listen to this piece played by Juliard String Quartet before goint to bed. It sure soothes my mind telling me, despite of its imperfect outlook of the world, there is an order in the world governing ourselves. I don't need to worry too much even facing to absurdity and imperfection in the world as well as in myself. I feel I am relieved and encouraged in that way.

I have read Fugue means flying in Latin. Listening to this genre of music, we might feel we were looking our life and world with bird's eyes. A sense of a distance from the real world. I don't know why but sure feel it as that way.  

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