Longing for Shinshyu

Shinshyu, that is, the old name of Nagano Prefecture, is a fascinating place to me.

In my teen age days, I often visited a relative there every summer. The family was a farmer typical for the high land in Shinshyu. Warmhearted people. An old house with strawy roof. There was a brook running beside the house. Time was slowly passing. I have enjoyed walking around and even trekking the mountains there with their children.

Later, when I entered the medical university, I had the summer camp of the orchestra at a resort in the end of August for some times. I have posted here some photos of that area last summer. By the end of August, I could feel the earliest fall over there. Cool breeze was running down from the mountain. It has trembled the trees in front of the hall where the orchestra was practising. The sunray filtering through those trees was sparkling on the floor. So beautiful and impressive.

Whenever I recall of that camp, this tune comes in my mind. Menuet in Petite Suite by Debussy. It was a piece we were practising at that time.

Don't you feel that cool breeze in this tune?
I  still yearn for Shinshyu. When could I return there?


  1. Very nice and beautiful too. When you have your new eyesight please take me for a ride in your car there.

    1. Bob,

      Thanks for the kind comment. I would do that for sure. Then I will let you enjoy the scenary on this blog.