Much water has flown under the bridge

I always enjoy seeing old friends on the radio after a long absence. It was such a night today. I fell asleep in the shack as soon as finishing supper. Don't ask me how I was asleep here! Anyway, getting up around 1 AM, as a regular habit, I switched on the radio and found 20m was open to the West Coast.

I had calls from 3 guys in a row. The 1st one was Jim N6JC near Sacramento, whom I had met in person here. He used to visit here in a week end more than 10 years ago. It was a short visit but an enjoyable one. We have worked often on 40m for a while. But, losing the antenna for 40m, he has not been active on 40m for a few years. He told me how he had been doing. A lot of flight on a plane and a lot of family affairs.

The 2nd one was another Jim NN6EE in the Bay area. He used to be WB6BBC in '60s and regularly showed up on 40m those days. He told me he and his wife would move to a place along the coast in Oregon. The main reason was the high cost of living in the Bay area, as he said. I wished them a good luck for the new life over there.

The last one was Bob AA7CT in Seaside Oregon. Actually, I could not remember having worked him but he told me it had been 1981 when we first met. He seemed to have my QSL with his hand. He asked if I was still at the dormitory of a med school hospital where I had started radio again. I told him I had moved here my birth place in mid '80s. He seemed to have upgraded his ticket to the extra and is getting active on the radio again.

Really much water has flown under the bridge since I worked each of them. While listening to them, I remembered what had happened to me and to my family for the years. It is a good time for me to recall the past in this way. Thanks to all of the guys whom I met this evening.

It is just a memo for remembrance. I should hit the sack...I should get back on 20m at midnight when the band is open to the West Coast. It won't last long.

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