Rose of Sharon

It was the first day of fall a couple of days ago. Even though it is getting burning hot in the daytime, it is fairly cool in the evening here now. It is breezy in the garden.
This is Rose of Sharon. An elegant flower tree. When it comes out, fall is not very far. My father used to plant the same kind of tree in my office yard. While working at the outpatient clinic, I could enjoy the delicately white flowers of that tree.
At a bible class I was attending to in my teen age days, I was taught by a guest from Korea it had been the national flower in Korea. I thought it surely represented the history full of hardship in his country. 
Anyway, it comes out this time of a year when many people mourn for the victims in the WWII. It also lets me remember of my father who passed away 10 years ago.

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