Supper tonight

I went for a barber this afternoon. It is a barber I used to go for The old couple has taken their only granddaughter to my office for treatment when she was a toddler. that girl has grown up and would take the entrance exam for some university next spring. The master has been, however, sick for several weeks. He seemed to be on gradual recovery. He is now in mid seventies. His wife has managed to do with the work for a while. I knew we could have such a trouble all of sudden any time ahead. I wished him quick recovery. Having had my hair cut there, I drove back home. Looking all the scenary I used to see casually on the way of commute to the office everyday.

I realized again I should take every moment of my life with family as precious and important thing.

The supper menue. Eggplant and the other vegetables with minced pork seasoned with mapo foreground. Saury with lemon, the 1st harvest this year, background. And a few other dishes. Boy, I have forgotten cooking rice!


  1. 1. You are fortunate to have to seek the assistance of a barber. My meager supply of hair is easily self trimmed with a electric shear.
    2. I may have to send you recipe for cooking good Japanese rice like Koshi Hikari or Akita Komachi.


    1. You make me smile again. Forgetting cooking meant that I should have cooked it. How should I express it in English? Rice cooker will do fine. No recipe. We still have tens kg of rice cropped last year, which a farmer friend has given us a few months ago. It is still very good. We might need a refrigerator to store it.