CWT frequency range

It seems they have decided CWT frequency range to be moved to 28 through 38KHz from the bottom of the bands. It was thanks to WB6BEE Don's proposal to the CWops head. I would approve this decision. It is still the least way to cope with the problem.

But, in the CWops reflector, there are opposing opinions from some members. They say they have used the present frequency range for long time, so that they have a right to stay on the present one. The other says some operate on the frequency off the present range. The frequency range has little meaning as he says. It is not a problem of right or of the status quo. But the balance between CWT operators and the others is questioned.

I guess, judging from the number of QSOs most active participants achieve in each session, that is, less than 150, there are only 200 or, at most, 300 operators participating CWT. Non participants are much more in number all over the world, I believe, It is a question if the present situation this number of operators are occupying the bands for 3 hours every week is valid or not. At present, they occupy most frequently used portion of the bands. I could hardly approve that they could go on that occupation.

Some insist it is only for "3 hours" every Wednes day. We could scarcely enjoy ordinary QSOs before it starts. I have been messed up by big CWT participants' signals for number of times. It  made me hasten to finish QSOs. After experiencing such a mess for some times, I won't operate much on Wednes day now. In every week end, there is some kinds of contest going on somewhere in the world. In week ends, we must say, the conventional bands are not usable for ordinary QSOs. If the whole day of every Wednes day is regarded to be occupied by CWT, including the week end's contest, 3 days out of a week are spent by contesters. Is it fair? From the standpoint of the length CWT occupies the bands in a week, at least, the frequency range should be moved as it is decided this time. 

Contest activity on a certain plain week day every week is a novel idea. However, it is another question if it works good for the ham radio society or not.


  1. I had seen this posting yesterday. I hesitated to comment, waiting to see the opinions of others that follow your blog. Your observations are interesting. CWops has well over 1,300 members. If the 200-300 participants is a good estimate, that is not an overwhelming percentage of members that participate. Like any organization, it is the active members that drive the agenda. Candidly, I am not sure why the CWT was ever established, particularly on a Wednesday. It would seem that there exists a contest on virtually every day of every weekend to feed the contest need. At one time, it was once a month. Then, twice a month, now every Wednesday. I also don't understand the decision to park the contest in the middle of the most active portion of the band, versus some less used area. I cannot imagine that those interested in the Wednesday CWT contest would have had an issue using 050-060, for example, over 028-038. But, once it was established at 028-038, it became owned territory. What drove me to react was that it was ruining the experience of ham radio for other users on Wednesdays. Again and again, I experienced or heard people getting run off the air by participants in CWT. Not in their 028-038 range, but outside of that where others were trying to stay out of the CWT's way. We all know that if there were 300 participants in CWT that the problem was only two or three stations. But, that one percent of the participants was giving the entire event and the club a seriously bad name. Again and again, I would hear that " I wish I wasn't a lifetime member, I would just quit the club". My thoughts in writing the leaders of CWops was not to terminate the CWT on Wednesdays, or even make significant change. They have as much rights to frequencies as anyone else does. But, to ask them to manage the event so that is was more contained. At least make some effort to control that one percent of participants that were not considerate enough to allow other non-participants to enjoy their Wednesday mornings. Both Rob and Hank were more than accommodating to me and the issue. I think because I was not the only concerned member of CWops. Ultimately, I think the CWT will become a better event for those that participate and also a better event for those that don't. I would expect that there will be those this coming Wednesday that want to prove the right to operate where they want. It's equivalent to those non-participants that say they want to park on their frequencies with big power and cause interruption. Neither is the right answer. Just human emotion getting in the way of human intelligence. For me, I will be there on Wednesday morning, somewhere between 024 and 027, giving CWT a margin for their event. I am hoping for a good conversation.

    1. Don,

      Thanks for the considerate comment on this event. Any club may need something that unite the members. It was the CWT for CWops for the head of the club. I could understand that. But as you say, the participants have become thinking that they have the right to occupy those portions of the bands, where most conversational QSOs are peacefully made. it looks like an arrogant attitude from the standpoint of the latter. I hope your proposal would work well for the event.

      I suspect such contest activities might suppress or disturb the other overall activities in ham radio, I have mentioned about this somewhere else. It is just my objective opinion. So I won't extend this further here. In Oct, Jim, N3JT and Nina are visiting Japan. I would discuss about it with him over a glass of beer since he has been a great ragchewer as well as a contester.


  2. I am not sure that human nature will allow some things to change without the influence of rules and enforcement. In such a society, it does not work to ask everyone to be nice or play by the rules. It it did work, we would never need police officers. I was on yesterday with Jim W0EB and Benny K5KV on 7024 when the CWT started. They did leave us alone. I left the conversation for a while to monitor compliance with the new guidelines for 7028 and above. I noted less than ten members that were below 7028. Rob K6RB was directly on 7028, a good plan, I believe. Perhaps, with time, the "I can do as I want" mentality will subside. Regardless, my intention is continue to respect what they are doing above 7028, but I will not shy from a conversation below that threshold. A nice visit this morning. You have a very nice sound on that "Old" Original.