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This morning, 15m has improved a bit. I could work a few staterssides. When I got a report, 439 to 559, from Jim KF7E, I knew I had better tie the ribbon then. He seldom gives me a report below 579 there.

I started practising cello. Scales in various tonalities. I am feeling this basic training more and more interesting. it is a priviledge of a string instrument player to make scale by ourselves. There are minute difference in scale according to the position and to the end of the scale, either for melody or for accord. I am still feeling lost in this vast world of music. But it is a fun for me to wander around there and to find something new to me.

The scale of keyboard instrument like piano is a kind of compromise. The equally tempered scale of modern keyboard is invented for smooth modulability, so far as I understand. Roughly speaking, there are two other scale systems as told above. What I would say is that the world of music is not perfect itself. Despite of the theoretically perfect outlook of music, it is "being failed" itself. This fact indicates, however, there is a real perfect world of music existing apriori somewhere, possibly, in the other world than this real one.

Whenever listening to the Art of Fugue, I feel I could hear the quintessence of music, perfect as well as imperfect. The surprisingly vast structure makes us feel almost dizzy at the perfect aspect of music, while the imperfect finish indicates the imperfect characteristics of music. The imperfect would suggest us there is a really perfect world apriori.

It is always difficult for me to discuss something philosophical. It is, however, what I feel for such music as the Art of Fugue. My effort for perfect music is endless or should be destined to be a failure. But I still make it.

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