Squid with Japanese radish

Squid is boiled with soy sauce, sake and so forth. It should be for not longer than 5 or 6 min. Or squid could become firm. In the same seasoning, Japanese radish with a bit of ginger is cooked for some 10 min. Then, both of materials are mixed on a dish. Very simple. We love it very much.
I could hear some friends in foreign countries claim they won't try such as squid. They won't know one of the good things in the world throughout their lives. Sorry for that.


  1. Squid is delicious, but as you have pointed out it must be carefully prepared, or you end up with something resembling a rubber sole on your plate. In order to get a decently prepared squid here in DL we either have to do it by ourselves, or we have to drive to Heidelberg or Frankfurt and find a Restaurant that has fresh squid on their "Today's special" menue, usually a restaurant with specialities from southern Europe, Spanish, Italian or Greek. What most germans know of squid, is squid cut in rings, battered and fried, served with mayonnaise, for many this is a popular snack. And these squid rings often have that gum-like texture that people who don't know it any better associate with squid. Good, fresh, seafood is very difficult to find if you are living hundreds of kilometers away from the next Ocean.

    1. Hi Greg,

      I was smiling at your words "rubber sole". Yes, squid could be like that very easily if it is not fresh or not cooked properly. I am surprised to know you Germans enjoy it there. It might be, I supposed, something you would feel sick.

      We could enjoy fresh sea foods along the coast of the Pacific ocean. Unfortunately, those restaurants along the Pacific ocean nearby are not doing well due to the rumours against them by the nuclear plant accident/pollution. I still love the sea foods available over there.

      You might have fresh ones on the coast area. Is that why you often go to the ocean? I would visit the area JS Bach and J Brahms have lived sometime.


    2. Wendy asked me to print the recipe. We have some Sake from my rice business days that was very high quality Sake. I have been saving for a special occasion that never seems to come. Wendy thinks this is a good use for such Sake. She had Sushi twice in Breckenridge, CO (only once with me). I am sure I will be enjoying squid in very near future.

    3. Don,

      My description on the recipe is simplified. Here is it for wendy.


      Good luck!


  2. Shin,
    I always enjoy your writings about food! Now that I am retired, I find myself doing more of the cooking at home. Recently, our microwave oven failed. We had become too dependent upon it and I have reacquainted myself with the electric stove top, pots, and pans.

    It seems that the essence of cooking is in the heating of the food.It seems that this has to be done just right. Too much heat and the food is quickly ruined, especially with seafood. I enjoy fried calamari but do not get it too often. Salmon is my favorite, followed by shrimp. Please keep writing about your cooking adventures. When I was young, my mother used to put ground beef and rice in a cabbage leaf and make cabbage rolls. They were always great!
    73, Dennis W0JX