A fancy dinner

It was the special dinner day yesterday. We went to a French restaurant near by. Not so many people there even though it was a week end. We have had a course of French cuisine. Very good. An elegant and delicate outlook. Complicated tastes in a dish. But we won't return there for a while. Too heavy for our stomach!

We have talked of our wedding ceremony 35 years ago. I noticed how much we owed to our parents. It was a ceremony for ourselves but not for the others, we concluded. It took us so many years until we noticed that.

For the remaining years in our lives, we should go on by ourselves. While taking oily foie gras and beef steak there, we stressed how necessary it was for us to take good amount of vegetables.

I wish we would come back here together for the celebration of the wedding anniversary next year.


  1. Oh Boy! That looks like such a delicious dinner! We are very happy for you. We hope you return there again very soon.

    1. Bob,

      My wife seemed to have enjoyed the dinner. Maybe, we might return there for the next anniversary.