Prefer writing a mail in calmness to blurting in high speed

Round table QSOs with QRQ/QSK are kind of fascinating to us in a sense. Just like yakking around a table on this mode, they enjoy free conversation. I fully understand what they would like to do. In my biginner days, I yearned for such QSOs made by Ed, K6NB, Trevor, VK2NS and their group on 40m every evening here in our time. Steve or Jack, WA7HJV, are yakking around a morning coffee table on 40m lately. I just listen them for a min or two and then leave there.

For the past years, my view has changed greatly regarding this problem of operation style. In my view, CW communication is comparable to writing/reading a letter. In the previous post, I have quoted some articles of neuroscience which revealed that the brain areas responsible for reading and writing are activated when the examinees are trained for CW. I believe CW communication gives us, or at least, to me, the same pleasure as writing and reading text. Expressing watching the others' QSO as "reading a mail" is really hitting the mark. It is of no much meaning for me to pursue faster QSOs.  But, whatever we may talk about in CW conversation, it is better for us to consider for a while what and how to tell about our idea or feeling to the other on this mode. Then we do send them with a keyer or any key. Then it will be our turn to listen to what the other thinks or feels. This way of conversation may take more time than QRQ/QSK style but give us, in my view, a calm and deeper pleasure.  

Actually, my gear is not working smoothly with full QSK. And I am not good at witty conversation in a round table QSO. There are some practical issues or barriers for me to join such a QSO. But, even with these issues solved, I won't join such a QSO on regular basis. The reason is what I wrote in the previous paragraph. I would pursue something meaningful in CW conversation. It may be a QSO which leaves me a calm pleasure. It is not an issue of better choice but just a problem of liking.

We may take a cell phone if we would like to yak with friends.

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  1. Hi Shin

    I have only heard round table from USA a few times, it is a pleasant way of communicating if everyone is comfortable with it. I have never been in a situation as a ham to use it though.
    At sea sending long QTC's, perhaps 400 words or so, to a caost station, QSK was essential. If he lost a few characters he would send a couple of "i"s meaning stop, then AA meaning all after, and the first letter of the word he just missed. Then you would start again from that word. No K or anything. It was all understood. At sea the QTCs had to be copied 100% and the word counts agreed both ends. it was more precise than ham, where if you miss a few words it doesn't matter.
    I do miss QSK operation and it can be very useful as a ham in QSB where you miss whole chunks. You have to wait until the end of his over. I often instinctively send two "i"s as a Pavlovian response from sea days, but of course he may not be using QSK or may misunderstand.