An improper fight of TSS against JARL

TSS seems to fight against JARL. TSS is a private company which the ministry of telecom in Japan has commissioned the right to guarantee the ham radio gear to each licensee. The guarantee process is done just on document basis. Their paper work guarantees each equipment as legitimate. I have described about this guarantee sysytem here.

Well, what fight is going on? JARL has paid half a million USD equivalent to TSS for the cost of maintaining the membership redord system. Since JARL has been in financial difficulties for the past 2 decades or even longer, the new committee of JARL has decided to end the contract with TSS. Twenty % of our annual fee has been spent for the maintenance of the membership record by TSS. They announced cancelling the contract to TSS one year prior to the date according to the contract provided. But TSS has not easily agreed with that cancellation. TSS insisited to continue the relationship or that JARL should pay 1.2 million USD for the data base. TSS dared to have the web site of JARL frozen and to have made the data base inaccessible by anyone.

No definite action from JARL has not been published yet. But this seems a case that TSS shoud be sued for their behaviour against the contract and for the compensation for the loss JARL has suffered from.

TSS is rumored to have been in close relationship with the former president of JARL. This company is also suspected to have some retired people from the related administrative agencies as its personnel. What a corruption and disgrace if they are true! 

TSS is not appropriate for outsourcing the paper work of "guranteeing" ham radio gear. Moreover, the guarantee process is not necessary for ham radio. The licensing system should be comprehensive, that is, permitting all bands/modes/power to a certain class of licensee. This guarantee system should be totally deregulated at once.

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