Bach by Gould and Menuhin

Bach has left charming sonatas for violin which won't require us so much concentration and strain as the famous unaccompanied sonatas/partitas. I have loved this one since student days. They say the theme of the 1st movement in the style of Scicillienne is much like the alto aria "Er barme dich" in Matthews Passion of the same composer. A feeling of yearning for something as well as a sorrow sounds to be in the melodies at the same time. This ambivalence in the spirit of music seems characteristic fot Bach. I could figure the other examples in his vast works.
This combination of players sound also very attractive. Menuhin plays orthodoxical Bach while Gould's touch is so light as droplets of dew shining in morning sun ray. Gould even sung playing this piece. No pedal use at all.
I used to listen to this music quite often at the dorm of med school. It was when I started cello. This performance has brought me back to those days. I remeber a dull room with a bed and a desk. The music flew like a song relieving me. The audio set and cup full of tea. Moreover, it reminds me of what I was thinking of those days. Music surely works in the deepest portion in our mind. 


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