Restoring faith in people and future

Jim W6YA has sent me a mail as follows. It is for BCC mail and could be published here.


If you could use a little boost during this holiday season, here is your
chance. This should put a smile on your face and restore your faith in

Jim McCook



2012 is going over soon leaving many things behind. I sometimes felt to have been beaten down by the events this year. I don't want to be so pessimistic for the future. However, my personal as well as public situation are not so promising to me.

This performance in the video clip was of course produced there somewhere in Italy. But it still gives power to restore faith in people as well as the future itself as Jim says in his mail, even though the 4th chapter was arranged and curtailed. I was really toughed by this clip.

My season's greetings to you will follow soon.


  1. Ode to Joy indeed !

    Merry Xmas Shin san

    1. Imi and John,

      I am pleased to know you both enjoyed this clip. When you catch Jim W6YAb on the air, tell him the same thing. He might be glad to share the same impression.

      Have a nice holiday season and a Happy New year.