A New Years Resolution

A New Years Resolution;

1) Work less stations. Spend more time for a QSO.
I have been inclined to call CQ. But, nowadays, the content would be just exchanging reports and the related matters only. In a few QSOs, I always feel much tired of that. RBN dependent QSOs in that style are absolutely meaningless to me. I would spend more time for each QSO. Or just listen the band. This should be my policy.
2)Study more on economics/politics and possibly religion.
Where am I and where do I go? The economics and politics are in confusion on the whole. The US economy depends on China. There could never be such a cynicism. The neoliberal economy needs a fundamental reformation in my view. Our country may suffer from a serious economical collapse in the near future. In this situation, I should be aware of the above mentioned question. It is my internal demand.
3)Resume cello practice. At least, piano trio and Bach's unaccompanied sonata so far as I could do with. So far as I can. I would practise some part of unaccompanied sonata like a lesson piece every day.
4)Go on cooking and increase repertoire of dinner dishes. It is like an experiment for me to cook new recipe. A lot of fun. I will enjoy it.
5)Arrange the garden, which may require years from now.
A wood deck before the living room. More vegetable garden. Fruits like water melon should be tried this summer.
6)Plan a trip abroad again. Any FOC gathering or a trip for musics in Europe? Korea could be another destination where a good friend of mine is waiting for us. My sight problem could prevent me from going abroad. But discussing with my wife, I would try to go somewhere. Before it becomes impossible for us to do so.

I would shut my mouth because I guess someone rumoring that I could never do all of these in a year. Of course, personal and the environmental situation are pretty gloomy. But nothing might happen if we won't dream of. Something might come true so far as we dream and make effort for that.

A very HNY to you all. May your dreams come true, my friends.



  1. Shin,

    I had intended to comment on this post earlier but was sidetracked by other demands......

    1) Work less stations. Spend more time for a QSO.

    I concur completely. This “599, 73” is pointless but so prevalent today. Any debate as to why this phenomenon has occurred could go on forever. When I find time to be on the air, I look to 40 or 80 CW, where, at least, there are some amateurs who enjoy practicing the art of radio communication. It is there, also, that I can occasionally find old friends.

    2)Study more on economics/politics and possibly religion.

    Good to hear this. As you know, my passion is economics. I had such wonderful professors who encouraged their students to read widely, do critical thinking, and come to their own conclusions. I can suggest several texts for you to read. And, yes, these “neoliberal” economic operatives are not economists at all. They are political activists seeking their own objectives. We are indeed in danger of a serious world-wide economic collapse, which also means a social collapse. They do not acknowledge a debt crisis. For them, there is no debt because they can simply continue to print money to spend. Which they do without regard to the consequences, but which I believe they must fully understand.
    As for religion, more power to you, my friend.

    I have spent more time in recent years exploring faith with increasingly satisfying results.

    3)Resume cello practice.

    Hurray! I want to see more Shin videos and hear more of your wonderful cello!

    4)Go on cooking and increase repertoire of dinner dishes. It is like an experiment for me to cook new recipe. A lot of fun. I will enjoy it.

    We do the same. I am the cook of the household. My wife is the prep-chef. When a son is here, he happily joins in. I would look forward to exchanging recipes with you. I am also the sommelier. Since my days in Paris, wine has become an integral part of the evening meal. By the way, have you seen the movie “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”? We only hope one day to come to Japan to experience this master’s art. One of our favorite places here is a neighborhood Japanese restaurant that specializes in sushi. It caters mostly to our local Japanese population.

    5)Arrange the garden, which may require years from now.

    We finally stopped gardening, though we very much enjoyed the fresh produce. A new grocer that provides a variety of excellent fresh vegetables has recently come into our area. Still, I envy you the fruits of your labor. Also, we put up a comfortable deck a few years ago and use it almost all year. Do it! You will enjoy it very much.

    It is so interesting that we are very close to the same age, grew up as post-war children so far apart, and share so many interests and experiences. Such are the wonders of amateur radio to put such seemingly diverse people in touch, only to find out how similar.

    A blessed and prosperous New Year to you and your family.


  2. Taylor,

    Thanks a lot for the interesting and inspiring comment. I am glad we share many things together. I am feeling I already dropped out a few resolutions like practising cello etc for now. But, being encouraged by your comment, I would start it now. I have heard of the movie you introduced here from a few friends. But I haven't watched it yet. Sushi is a kind of very ordinary cook here so that it may not attract people so much, I am afraid. But I will keep the title in mind and would watch it if I have a chance.

    I started subscribing WSJ since a few friends recommended me to. It turns out to be pretty difficult for me to understand some words or some contexts in the articles. For example, while they often mention of Treasury, it seems to mean two things, the governmental office of treasury and the long term treaury bond. I learned I should understand the meaning from the context of the article. It is a long way to go! A large QE is going on under the present new government here. I am afraid it is quite risky to cause a hyperinflation or an uncontrollable inflation. I would watch what is going on here.

    Have a pleasant and healthy New Year! See you on the radio soon.