The result of the election

The election turned out apparently to be a big victory for LDPJ, the conservative party, which had lead the country for the most part of the post WWII period except for the last 3 years. As the media report it was not their victory but the selfinflicted collapse of DPJ. Because the latter has done what they didn't promise in the manifesto but has not done what they promised. The absolute number of voters to LDPJ has not increased at all. Those being dissatified at DPJ have voted to the other small parties than both LDPJ  and DPJ or have not gone for vote.

This phenomenon means that quite some people have lost interests or rather faith in politics. Even though there are so many issues urging us to solve, they don't seem to be involved in politics. It was particularly impressive that they seem to have lost interests in nuclear power ngeneration issue. Those parties who claimed of independence from that energy source did not get much approval. I wonder if they won't learn that even 54 nuclear power plants are placed in our country where earthquakes frequently occur. The quake activity is increasing at present. Most nuclear power plants are getting old and vulnerable to quakes now. In the begininng of this election campaign, the power companies have applied for the raise of power cost with an excuse that they need it due to the high cost for the fossil fuel to compensate the stopped nuclear power plants. It might negatively influenced on the votes to those anti nuclear power plants parties.

This election should have been the choice for what nation we would make. The market dependent globalism or the social overhead capital oriented society? The nation which will resort to war or not? Is it due to immaturity of our society? Or are those problems hidden by the mass media? It is too bad if they won't realize them without any painful experiences. The matured capitalistic countries won't, anti neoliberalism economists say, make drastic growth of the economy. I am inclined to believe it to be true. There could never be an endless rise in demand as the market fundamentalism insists even if it is persistently stimulated.  We should be ready for slowed growth of the economy and take the social overhead capitals as important thing in our lives. It leads to the policy not to be involved in the hegemony by any nations in the world. We should keep the rule of the present constitution.

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