In the warm sunshine

We have a small house behind ours in the same property, where my parents used to live. It is a humble house in japanese style with low ceilings. Yesterday, it was so sunny that I ventilated the rooms opening the windows. Everything remained at the same place as it used to be when our parents lived there. When I was in a room there, I was caught by an illusion that parents had been standing at the corridor. They were wearing the same casual jacket and smiling at me from behind. The same appearance of the room may make that illusion on me.

I recalled how long it has gone since they passed away. 8 years since my father gone, while only a year and a half since mother left. The length of the time is only a blink when looked back, while it is eternal in the prospective view. I am not sure if I could see them at "that time". It is for a second as well as an eternity for me. All I could do is to go on live my life recalling of them as good old being for me.

Standing still there for a while, I was thinking as described here.

This photo was taken one month ago, when I had their matresses sunbathed on the velanda of their house. My father used to do this when he was well. I sometimes find myself doing the same thing now and could not help smiling at me.


  1. That's a touching story, Shin, I enjoyed reading it. I'm glad that you maintain your parent's home; good memories I'm sure, some sad too I suppose. We carry a life's worth of memories with us and they sure are a mix, aren't they?

    I heard you on the air yesterday, on 15, a strong signal on a quiet band. You were gone by the time I tuned everything up. It takes me awhile to get the old gear fired up . . . it's like throwing coal on the fire first to warm up the electrons!

    Have a good week,


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    2. Steve,

      Yes, this small house is special to us. With a lot of memories of parents. But, when we won't be here any longer, it would be forgotten as our house is. Time goes on in that way. That illusion of parents I have seen told the time was instantaneous as well as eternal, I think.

      Too bad I have not stayed watching the freq! Maybe, I have called CQ without any answer for sometime and that's why I quit the freq so soon. I will keep listening a little bit longer from next time.

      See you.


      PS: It was a funny story Barbara has blamed you about the quake! I hope you won't have any quake here or she would blame you for that in the building.