Where does a CW club stand on?

As a reply to Steve's comment;

Hi Steve,

I always wonder how a CW club could educate CW operators, promote the ommunciation through CW or enhance ragchewing. I believe CWops is trying to pursue these with the other activities than contesting or award issueing etc. I must admit the gravity is rather centered to these activities. However, there are some other activities which try to promote ragchewing and so on, even though it is not remarkable at all yet. Yes, just only a few buds. Ragchewing is not competitive in nature but highly personal. It could hardly organized by the club. The results of ragchewing are not so apparent as contesting etc. I believe it is still the time for us to keep eyes open to those activities of the club members and to be involved in them by ourselves so far as we could do.

You may take the above saying as an official statement as one of the directors of CWops. I would consider how such a club could be established and maintained. I don't believe it is so easy.

Of course, any club of amateur radio doesn't concern about philosophical idea or profit etc. It is just a circle of a hobby.

However, I believe any club should have something which bond the members each other. It could be the purpose of the club or the spirit of the club, whether it is recognized by the members or not. Either may be related with distinction between the members and the non members. This distinction could give the members a kind of self esteem feeling. It enables the club go on for a long time, even though it often could be criticized as a kind of elitism. Denying this elitism, any club should seek the basis of bonding the members. In case of CWops, I believe it is not enough for the members, or Ishould say, for the head of the club to be conscious of this problem.

It is often told that CW has various aspects of enjoyment, ragchewing, contesting or award chasing etc. Have fun with any aspect of CW in your own style. This seems to be a motto in CWops. This open mindedness attracts us much. However, it won't give us the central concept or spirit of the club which bond the members for a long time. We won't be able to go through without asking what is the essence or the most important thing in CW communication/operation. What is the point or concept which identifies ourselves as a CWops member? This is my question.  

I hope you to stay with us in the club and to go on publishing better but constructive words to the club.

I should repeat that the above opinion is my personal one apart from the directorate. Thanks for your stimulating comment, Steve.

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