The so called Safety Test of the Nuclear Power Plant in Japan

Our government and the Min. E.T.I , an abbreviation of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, announced that they would perform a stress test for all the nuclear power plants in our country on account of the failure of the security in the Fukushima nuclear power plants due to the earthquake and the tsunami in Mar 11 this year. They intend to restart operation of the nuclear power plants with the successful results of the test.

This stress test seems to be planned after the same titled test in Eu. The content is, however, quite different between them. In Eu, the test is performed and evaluated by a board of several nations' personnel without those from the nation under the test. There are some criticisms against this scheme. For example, it won't be considered that the plants would be attacked by terrorists etc or it won't take it into account that the plants could be incorrectly handled and resulted in a serious accident and so forth. It is still quite fair that it is excecuted without the personel from the nation whose nuclear plants are under test.

In Japan, the sheme is quite different from the original one in Eu. Two offices under the Min. E.T.I. made the sheme and are handling the test. They are NSC, an abbreviation of Nuclear Safety Commission in Japan, and  NISA, an abbreviation of Nuclear Industrial Safety Agency. The problem is that they are ersponsible for promoting the construction and the operation of the nuclear power plants in Japan. They have cooperated with the electric power companies in Japan to grow the nuclear power industry without any substantial risk managements. They are never eligible for the tester in Japan, I believe. Here we have the parties concerned for the profit the nuclear power plants produce. These two offices belong to them. Our mass media won't take it as a fundamental problem since they are a part of the parties concerned as well.

The stress test could be only a ceremony to restart the operation of the nuclear power plants in Japan.

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