To Bob M0PIE


I have tried to reply to your comment twice. Even though it is delivered through email, it is never shown on this blog itself. I don't know why. Maybe, some bug in the blog system. Sorry for that.

Here is my reply to you. Thanks again for your thoughtful comment;


Thanks for your comment. There are more esearch works on the code reception from the standpoint of cerebral physiology. The code reception process has  been studied by psychologists in the past. It is the topics for the  physiologists with the arm of functional MRI etc nowadays. The code  reception is one of the most basic processes of recognition in brain for communication, which may attract those researchers. We are interested in  the process from pragmatic viewpoint as for how to improve skill with CW  hi. I would summarize them in the future.

Yes, the sociable nature of CW communication is quite important. The  contesters or DXers are seemingly forgetting it, I am afraid. We should not forget it.


  1. Hi, Shin - I've long been a CW rag chewer, DXer *and* contester. I don't think the last two are necessarily at odds with the first! The beauty of our hobby is how many different ways it can be enjoyed by so many varied people with so many varied interests.

    On CW recognition and the brain: one interesting study I looked at years ago showed that very different parts of the brain are used to speak and hear, but the same parts of the brain are used to speak regardless of mode of "speaking." I've can talk and receive CW, but I can not talk and *send* CW - seems like most people have the same problem, because the same part of the brain is used to talk and to send CW.

    It was great to chat with you on 15m CW last night, I hope soon we can do so on 10m - perhaps your retirement will coincide with the peak of this sunspot cycle and we will at least have one year of strong propagation on all bands.

    73, John K3TN

  2. John,

    I was thrilled to talk to you on 15m as usual. Your signal was still like a real DX inspite of the plateau of the sun spot number. The low level of noise made it quite easy to listen to you all the way.

    Yes, there are various aspects of CW communciations, which give us the respective pleasure. However, we should always be conscious of what aspect is essential to us.

    "Speaking" involves various parts of CNS system. A really complicated system. But your obseravation you can hardly talk and send code at the same time might mean the same parts of the brain are involved in these processes. It is always stimulating me to know the update research data in this field, even though the functional MRI and related techniques have certain limitations.

    I am looking forward my retirement while feeling sorry to farewell lovely children I am caring for at the clinic. But the new doc might do well, or even better for them. I hope to wander the Appalachian trail with you in the future! Give my best regards to Carole.

  3. It is me hi.