Fall has come here

On the way to the office, I run through the rice paddies shown on the photo above where rice plants are ripe and ready to be harvested. It is soothing me a lot to drive a car through this farm area breezy with crisp atmosphere. The accompanying music is often String Quintet Nr1 by Brahms or Piano Trio in a minor by Ropartz.

I would be active on the air looking for the wetern Eu and the USA, especially through the long pathes on 20m and 40m. I am not bored with radio at all after I have been pretty active on the radio for decades. Even feeling more relaxed when pounding the brass in my humble shack. I am missing a number of friends who used to be active on the radio but won't show up any longer.

Let's get on and talk over how each of us has been doing on the air.


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