A decade has passed.

I still hesitate posting the sentences below. It is not my aim to humiliate the US people, especially, the victims of the 9.11 event or of the following two wars. But it is what I think of the issue and what I believe to do in the future. Please understand what I mean.

I still remember watching TV news on the spot reporting the event at WTC 10 years ago. It was a real nightmare. I could hardly believe it had happened in reality but it seemed like a scene in a drama. Almost 3000 people were killed there. I know the victim's' families are still in the feeling of big loss and sadness.

Immediately, the President Bush has started the war against the terrorists. The USA has lost many lives of the military personnel in the Middle East through the actions. The cost for the wars in Iraq and Afhganistan seems enormous as well. I appreciate those engaged in these wars who fighted in the name of freedom and anti terrorism. But it is still questionable to me that these wars have established anything good for the peace.

When I knew of starting the war, I was pretty sure that it could leave so many victims among the civilians. It could result in giving rise to new terrorists from the sacrificed civilians' families. Unfortunately, my guess came true. There were over 200,000 civilians killed in the wars, as mass media reported. It seems to be in a real vicious cycle, that is, the war against terrorism is causing more terrorism.

The basic problem was that the US government had regarded a party of the insane muslim radicals as the whole muslim world, or, at least, the most muslims. It was the former party that the USA and the western countries should be against. But, in the reality, the US government took the muslim as their enemy, that is, changed the war from anti terrorism to the conflict between religions/cultures.

I guess the decison to withdraw the military troops from both countries by the President Obama is quite right. Even though there must be long lasting high crime rate and instable politics going on in those countries, it is the time to pursue mutual understanding and cooperation with the most moderate muslims in the Middle East. It is not only the issue of the US people but also of ourselves.

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