Irrational announcements from "the authority" on the reactor state

The authority reported that the tubings of the 1st reactor of Fukushima nuclear power plant are full of imflammable gas including hydrogen. They are going to measure hydrogen gas there. I suspect it could be produced from zirconium metal coating the surface of the nuclear fuel reacted with water at very high temperature. Nothing commented about that even though it could result in the catastrophic explosion of the reactor in the future.

If my conjecture is right, there could be much heat produced by the breakdown of nuclear substances which has not been cooled down at all. The government announced a few days ago that the nuclear reactor temerature had been down favorably. They might measure the temperature of the reactor itself. But it is already confirmed that the nuclear fuel has melt through the cases to the base of the reactor building. It could even got into the soil below. It is no use measureing the temperature of the reactor at all. We should rather consider much heat production going on without efficient cooling and it is far from the cooling cessation of the reactor as they plan by the end of this year.

These irrational announcements from the government, its agency or the power company might mean they are trying to start operating reactors at various nuclear power plants all over the country as soon as possible. Our mass media has long been for promoting the nuclear power plant since they hav got much profit from the ad of the power company.  And they won't question about these problems.  However, their effort to bias the public opinion against the nuclear power plant might end in failure since there have been many soureces in the internet which tell the truth.

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