Next spring

Hi everyone,

It has been determined that I would retire by next spring. A pediatrician would take over my work next spring. He used to be a pediatric cardiologist but has been working as a general pediatrician at hospitals for the past years. I know him in person though not so close each other. I would work as a part time then. There will be a lot of paper works to be done until next spring.

I often dreamed of leisurely driving trip to the mountain area when I had to drive to the office in mornings seeing the mountain range with snow on the tops far away west of here. But I could never drive toward there. The trips abroad might be also much fun. I have never taken a long vacation for past 17 years. I am keeping fingers crossed that I could attend the W7 FOC event in Seattle next July. There will be a  lot of old friends attending there. Could I recongnize them or could I be recognized by them?

We have old parents in law in Kagawa Pref. My wife has been back there almost once a month. Maybe, I could do something for them if they need my help. I owe them so much while I have done only little for them yet.

I will be a nice house keeper as well as a chef from now on. My wife will go on working as a full time so far. It would be nice to cook supper everyday. Our home, about a half acres in size, require much work especially from spring to fall. I will be a good gardener there.

I would like to study on the social system and the current trend of the thoughts underlying the changes. We might be undergoing a drastic change in the history. We need to have firm political, economical and philosophical view. Or we might be flown away somewhere undesirable. It would be necessary for us to be on a stable and solid standpoint now. Many things to learn.

Of course, I will go on enjoying ham radio as well as cello playing. It is an essence of my life.

I could not forget those suffering from the earthquake and the nuclear plant accidents. I would be involved in volunteer work for them by some means.

May my retirement be blessed with those ideas. May there be time left for me to do some of these things.

In a little bit of excitement mood.


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